Rep. Dorothy Pelanda asked fellow members of the House Economic Development, Commerce and Labor Committee to pass HB 504 which would provide a framework for the certification of interior designers in Ohio.

During the February 27 hearing Rep. Pelanda said,“The intent of the legislation is to allow these professionals to practice and pursue their professional goals to their fullest capabilities while protecting the public, as well as retain talent and increase job creation in the state of Ohio,”

The representative enumerated the six (6) Ohio universities that offer an accredited course of study in interior design and explained those who wish to practice interior design in Ohio “must record 3,520 hours of work experience with a National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) Certified Professional, or a Licensed Design Professional as direct supervisor, and be eligible for and successfully pass the NCIDQ examination.”

Pelanda said interior designers are suffering “the unintended consequences of an older, overly broad, and under-inclusive state statute” which she said makes it difficult to compete if designers own their own businesses.

“The legislation will not only create a long-term solution for job growth and retention, but it will define a profession that will align the state with the federal model of the Government Service Administration (GSA),” she said.

Pelanda also went over some provisions of the bill and explained some items that would not be covered in the legislation, and she told Rep. Kelly that she did not think that any fees were addressed in the bill.  AIA Ohio is reviewing the bill with AIA national officials.

Click here for Rep Pelanda’s complete testimony.

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