AIA Ohio Honor Awards

Program Information

Gold Medal Honor Award

The Gold Medal is the highest honor that AIA Ohio can bestow on a member. The AIA Ohio Board of Directors confers this award, which recognizes the exemplary contributions and significant accomplishments of AIA Ohio members, in fulfilling the criteria in one or more of the categories identified below. Each of the categories shall be considered as equal pathways to achievement of the award. One category shall not be valued higher than another nor shall a category be unequally weighted in the evaluation process.

2020 Recipient

Jack Alan Bialosky, Jr., FAIA

Jack Alan Bialosky, Jr., FAIA, leads Bialosky Cleveland, a multidisciplinary design firm recognized for design, practice, and culture. His aptitude for practice management, succession planning, and strategic planning elevated the firm and positioned Jack as a thought leader on the business of architecture. As an accomplished architect and planner, Jack prioritizes design integrity and the human experience. His firm embodies these principles, declaring architecture is never incidental, but “always by design”. Projects capture not a single voice, but that of a design collective, that aspires for optimistic, quietly confident architecture. Throughout his career, Jack has earned widespread respect as a trusted community leader and facilitator. He believes architects are uniquely suited to serve their communities and embeds this philosophy of servant leadership in his practice and AIA. As AIA Cleveland President, Jack amplified awareness of “citizen architects” through sustained advocacy efforts and public service. Jack has helped establish non-profits, such as The Gathering Place, a cancer support agency, and has saved others, such as The Children’s Museum of Cleveland, through strategic planning and design.  

Criteria Categories

Gold Medal Firm Honor Award

The AIA Ohio Gold Medal Firm Award is the highest honor AIA Ohio can bestow on an architectural firm. The AIA Ohio Board of Directors confers this award, which recognizes the exemplary contributions and significant accomplishments of firms lead by AIA Ohio members. This award recognizes a firm’s ongoing commitment to a focus on design excellence, innovation in practice and design, or the advancement of firm culture, each of which contribute to the firm’s unique place as a leader in the profession. Through this Award, the Board of Directors recognizes exemplary efforts and significant accomplishments in one or more of the following criteria. Each of the categories shall be considered as equal pathways to achievement of the award. One category shall not be valued higher than another nor shall a category be unequally weighted in the evaluation process.

Mentor Award

The AIA Ohio Mentor Award recognizes a member who has demonstrated strong leadership, guidance and service in the support of mentorship to fellow professionals or in her/his community. Awarded by the AIA Ohio Board of Directors, this award recognizes the exemplary contributions and significant accomplishments an individual has made to the profession via mentorship.

The nomination of an individual for this award, shall explain the individual’s impact on the profession via mentorship.  Local component support is highly regarded in consideration of this award.

2020 Recipient

Howard Blaisdell, AIA

 Howard Blaisdell, AIA, shares his strong knowledge of building codes, technical proficiency, and depth of construction experience with a broad population and he does so with patience, encouragement, and compassion. In addition, to supporting project teams and the studio, Howard also provides mentorship to emerging professionals. Through hosting intermittent sessions on building codes, he teaches fundamental and advanced techniques for individuals to excel their interpretations and understandings. He continually approaches any issue as a learning opportunity, paying-forward the sharing of knowledge in a contemporary, empathetic adaptation of the architect-intern mentorship tradition. Howard Blaisdell is a role model of true mentorship, relishing the tradition of Architect as a lifetime learning and sharing profession.

2020 Recipient

Tim Hawk, FAIA

Tim Hawk, FAIA, recognizes the importance of collaborative enterprise in all aspects of the profession. His passion for teaching and mentoring, focused on expanding access to the profession, is the guiding principle for his entire professional life. Tim transformed his firm through mentorship of emerging architects and designers and the development of WSA leadership training programs. He is an impactful educator who works at the Community College level with diverse populations to daylight career potential, and he is a champion of collaborative programming which increases opportunities for mentorship. As a leader in the profession, Tim has served his local AIA Chapter and at the Regional level, and now serves the National Board. What drives him is a genuine commitment to the future of the profession. He wants to ensure that architects are positioned on the forefront of issues; that they are considered a valuable resource to the public and to legislators; and that the next generation feels welcome into a supportive and inspirational community.

Public Service Award

The AIA Ohio Public Service Award recognizes a member who has made a significant impact in his/her community, as well as to the profession, through public service. The nomination of an individual for this award shall explain the individual’s impact on his/her community. The nomination shall list the candidate’s participation in community boards, panels or other community-related activities. Local component support is highly regarded in consideration of this award.

2020 Recipient

William Ayars, AIA

Recognizing a critical gap in access to support resources, William Ayars, AIA, established The Emerald Jenny Foundation with a mission to support people struggling with substance abuse disorders. Channeling his proven process for solving problems beyond design projects, he worked to launch a life-saving recovery tool that transcends the boundaries of his design portfolio. He understands from firsthand experience how overwhelming it can be to navigate resources and find treatment for a loved one in need. William applied his design thinking to analyze and find a way to diminish the challenge that families face when afflicted by addiction. In just three years, The Emerald Jenny Foundation has made a measurable impact on the nation’s fight against addiction, and its website is now the Ohio’s official on-line resource for connecting families to more than 1,200 addiction treatment centers.

2020 Recipient

Jodi van der Wiel, AIA

Jodi van der Wiel’s passion for education, inclusivity, and outreach drive her to use her voice to make an impact for her Community. She is a public servant, giving her time and sharing her knowledge, educating the community on how comprehensive design-thinking will solve problems. She continues to generate an inclusive, diverse pipeline to the profession while exemplifying how architects can be of service to their communities. Jodi helped to co-found the AIA Cleveland Women in Architecture (WIA) committee in 2015 and has played an outsized role in shaping the organization ever since. For the past eleven years, Jodi has been an active advocate for design and planning excellence for the City of Cleveland’s design review process. Jodi van der Wiel is a passionate and creative advocate who continues to implement exemplary programs and initiatives that promote a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive profession.

Emerging Professionals Award

The AIA Ohio Emerging Professional Award identifies and promotes exceptional accomplishments of Associate Members and Young Architect members and their continuing development within the profession.

The AIA Ohio Board of Directors confers this award, which recognizes exemplary achievements and future promise of AIA Ohio members, in fulfilling the criteria in one or more of the categories identified below. Candidates shall clearly identify the category or categories under which they are submitting. Each of the categories shall be considered as equal pathways to achievement of the award. One category shall not be valued higher than another nor shall a category be unequally weighted in the evaluation process. 

2020 Recipient

Hallie Crouch, Assoc. AIA

Formally trained in architecture, Hallie Crouch is living-out her singular mission: coaching architects to be their best. She has carved a non-traditional path as a Marketer and Strategist to empower and support architects and designers at Bialosky and AIA. Hallie is a champion of firm culture. She has inspired and executed productive, uplifting change within Bialosky Cleveland through thoughtful programs, including Active Listening Workshop, Professional Development Plans, and Bialosky’s First Women’s Retreat. She is deeply engaged with her alma mater, Kent State University. She has presented to students on topics of alternative careers and equity in the profession. Hallie has also volunteered for career fairs as an approachable ambassador of AIA Cleveland. Hallie serves as an accessible and engaged mentor, mentoring up, down and peer-to-peer. Hallie has risen to become a unique voice in the profession. She has been a successful role model and mentor for her group and beyond, and she actively seeks opportunities to promote other emerging leaders.

2020 Recipient

Erin Curley, AIA

Demonstrating a commitment to bridging the gap between the architecture profession and the community, Erin Curley’s professional involvement began as a board member with AIAS, during her time at Bowling Green State University. She engages the community through volunteering, mentoring students, encouraging women to discover their strengths, speaking in panel discussions and enhancing the recognition of architects in the community. Bringing first time programs and events to her local chapter, such as the Hip Hop Architecture Camp, Handlebar Architecture Tour, University Expo and an ARE Prep program, she has a way of connecting to people and helping connect people to their community. Throughout her career, she has provided over 4,000 hours of volunteer service, leading to the completion of the Sylvania Area Family Services addition and currently under construction, a concession facility for The Miracle League of Northwest Ohio benefiting those with special needs.

2020 Recipient

Jennifer Rittler, AIA

Jennifer Rittler, AIA, inspires others with her leadership and service. In parallel with her project work at Moody Nolan, Jennifer tirelessly advocates for young professionals in Columbus. She cofounded AIA Columbus ARCHway in 2018, which is an innovative program for mentorship and leadership development for Columbus design professionals. Jennifer is currently serving as the AIA Columbus secretary, in addition to serving as a member of multiple committees. Jennifer reaches those beyond the architectural community by helping to build understanding of what the career entails for young people by volunteering with the Center for Architecture and Design’s “Camp Architecture” program. She also serves on the AIA National Center for Leadership Committee. Her enthusiasm for representing Columbus at a National level is an exciting opportunity to highlight both Columbus and Ohio to architects across the country. Through her tireless efforts, she is shaping the future of the profession, advancing collaborative practice models, and guiding the Ohio design community to advance together.

2020 Recipient

Adam Yaracs, AIA

Adam Yaracs, AIA, is a design professional who sets the bar high for leadership and advocacy. He has been influential in creating a multi-faceted chapter communications plan for AIA Cleveland. Through his roles at AIA Cleveland and Kent State University, Adam consistently motivates and mentors students as well as recent graduates. Adam is an experienced architect who has been active within the Northeast Ohio architecture and design community for the past 14 years. In addition to his role as a Project Manager with IKM Architecture, Adam is also an Adjunct Faculty member at the Kent State University College of Architecture and Environmental Design. In 2017, Adam served as the AIA Cleveland President, making him the youngest President in the Chapter’s 125+ year history. Throughout his consecutive years of service with the AIA, Adam has led initiatives for improved programming, public advocacy, membership engagement, and chapter marketing.



Gold Medal Award History
1970   John Nobal Richards, FAIA
1971   George M. White, FAIA
1972   not awarded
1973   not awarded
1974   Joseph L. Weinber, FAIA & Carl C. Britsch, FAIA
1975   Alexander C. Robinson, III, FAIA, Joseph Tuchman, FAIA & Richard L. Tully, FAIA
1976   Joseph F. Morbito, FAIA
1977   H. Walter Damon, AIA
1978   Carl E. Bentz, FAIA
1979   Roger N. Ryan, FAIA
1980   James J. Foley, FAIA
1981   George F. Roth, Jr., AIA
1982   Charles J. Marr, FAIA
1983   Wallace G. Teare, FAIA
1984   Huber Buehrer, FAIA
1985   Carl A. Strauss, FAIA
1986   E. Keith Haag, FAIA
1987   Harold C. Munger, FAIA
1988   Richard D. Levin, FAIA
1989   Robert C. Gaede, FAIA
1990   Robert E. Gramann, FAIA
1991   A. Notley Alford, FAIA
1992   Gerald S. Hammond, FAIA
1993   Carole J. Olshavsky, FAIA
1994   Phillip T. Markwood, FAIA
1995   John P. Schooley, FAIA
1996   David S. Collins, FAIA
1997   Robert P. Madison, FAIA
1998   James E. Dalton, FAIA
1999   not awarded
2000   Peter Van Dijk, FAIA
2001 Richard Fleischman, FAIA
2002 Frederich K. M. Bohm, FAIA
2003 James T. Fitzgerald, FAIA
2004 Douglas L. Steidl, FAIA
2005 Paul E. Westlake, Jr., FAIA
2006 Robert D. Loversidge, FAIA
2007 Curtis Moody, FAIA
2008 Frank Elmer, FAIA
2009 John C. Senhauser, FAIA
2010 Robert Livsey, FAIA
2011 Hal P. Munger, FAIA
2012 Elizabeth Corbin Murphy, FAIA
2013 Gary Balog, FAIA
2014 not awarded
2015 John W. Rogers FAIA, FACHA
2016 Michael Schuster, FAIA
2017 Peter L. Bardwell, FAIA
2018 Bruce Sekanick, FAIA
2019 Robert Maschke, FAIA
Gold Medal Firm Award History
1984   Trott & Bean Architects, Columbus, OH
1985   Levin Porter Associates Inc., Dayton, OH
1986   Lorenz & Williams Inc., Dayton, OH
1987   Van Dijk, Johnson & Partners, Cleveland, OH
1988   Richard Fleischman Architects, Inc., Cleveland, OH
1989   Glaser Associates Inc., Cincinnati, OH
1990   Blunden Barclay Associates Architects, Cleveland, OH
1991   Phillip Markwood Architects Inc., Columbus, OH
1992   Chambers & Chambers, Akron, OH
1993   Buchanan Ricciuti & Balog Architects, Youngstown, OH
1994   Robert P. Madison International, Cleveland, OH
1995   Munger Munger + Associates Architects, Toledo, OH
1996   GBBN Architects, Cincinnati, OH
1997   Schooley Caldwell Associates, Columbus, OH
1998   Braun & Steidl Architects Inc., Akron, OH
1999   John C. Senhauser, Architect, Cincinnati, OH
2000   NBBJ, Columbus, OH
2001   Myers Associates Architects, Medina, OH
2002   The Collaborative Inc., Toledo, OH
2003   DesignGroup, Columbus, OH
2004   Karlsberger Companies, Columbus, OH
2005   WSA Studio Inc., Columbus, OH
2006   Moody Nolan, Inc, Columbus, OH
2007   not awarded
2008   not awarded
2009   Bialosky + Partners Architects Inc., Cleveland, OH
2010   Acock Associates Architects, Columbus, OH
2011   MSA Architects, Cincinnati, OH
2012   Robert Maschke Architects, Inc., Cleveland, OH
2013   Bostwick Design Partnership, Cleveland, OH
2014   Kordalski Architects Inc., Cleveland, OH
2015   Jonathan Barnes Architecture and Design, Columbus, OH
2016   not awarded
2017   not awarded
2018  City Architecture
2019  not awarded
2001    Robert Gramann, FAIA and Harold Munger, FAIA
2002    Carl A. Strauss, FAIA and Raymond R. Roush
2003    Robert Dorsey, FAIA
2004    Peter Macrae, AIA
2005    John Schilling, AIA
2006    Robert P. Madison, FAIA
2007    not awarded
2008    Robert Bevilacqua, AIA
2009    James L. Titus, AIA
2010    Lane Beougher, AIA
2011    Bruce Sekanick, AIA
2012    Ed Glowacki, AIA
2013    Douglas Richards, AIA
2014    Marcene Kinney, AIA and Eric O. Pempus, AIA
2015    Jack A. Bialosky Jr., AIA, LEED AP & Kurt Weaver, AIA
2016    Louise Schlatter, AIA
2017    Phil Steinberg, AIA & Jodi van der Wiel, AIA
2018    Sara Boyer, AIA
2019    Ruth Gless, FAIA & Steve Kordalski, AIA
2001   Norbert Peiker, FAIA
2002   Robert D. Loversidge, Jr., FAIA
2003   Christopher Ewald, AIA
2004   Lane Beougher, AIA
2005   Steven Shinn, AIA
2006   Craig A. Stough, AIA
2007   not awarded
2008   Robert Seyfang, AIA
2009   Jud Kline, FAIA
2010   Michael Christoff, Assoc. AIA and Bradley Fink
2011   Paul Muller, AIA
2012   Paul Hollenbeck, AIA
2013   Eric O. Pempus, AIA
2014   James Gibans, FAIA
2015   Chas Schreckenberger, AIA
2016   Jack Bialosky, Jr., AIA
2017   David Cook, AIA
2018   Terry Welker, FAIA
2019   Dave Robar, AIA