The AIA Ohio Advocacy Effort

The AIA Ohio PAC is an integral part of AIA Ohio’s advocacy efforts and provides us with an opportunity to support those who support us.  As a professional organization, we find that the way we function, and the services we offer, are challenged on a constant basis.  Sometimes it’s proposed changes in agency regulations.  Sometimes, it’s legislative efforts that shift our responsibilities, or changes that dilute our ability to offer the services we have been trained to provide.  Sometimes, we face challenges simply because we are not as vocal as others in expressing our needs and in taking a stand.

The AIA Ohio PAC provides us with the opportunity to become part of our advocacy effort.  By contributing to the PAC, we can directly support the efforts of our government relations program and be an active participant in what we do as an organization.  Coupled with other tools available to members, such as our triple play program, each member is provided with an opportunity to participate in what we do.  It all begins however, with your contribution to the PAC.  Please contribute below and help us become a stronger voice in Ohio’s rules and policy making process.