AIA Ohio uses the Ohio Architects’ PAC in a strategic way to support those statewide elected office holders who are identified as able to further advance our legislative priorities. Our donations are bi-partisan, and determined in consultation with AIA Ohio’s lobbyist. Targeted legislators include House and Senate leadership (both majority and minority), as well as members of committees that are hearing legislation that AIA Ohio wants to impact.

The Ohio Architects’ PAC is one tool that we use to advocate on your behalf for legislation that will improve the practice of architecture in Ohio. But we can’t do it without your support. It all begins with your contribution to the PAC. Please contribute below and help us become a stronger voice in Ohio’s rules and policy making process. Click here for a list of AIA Ohio PAC Frequently Asked Questions. Click here to see the list of AIA Ohio PAC Donor Recognitions.

Thank you to the 2022 AIA Ohio PAC Contributors!

Douglas Abbatiello, AIA
Dana Adkins, AIA
Susan Allen, AIA
William Ayars, FAIA
Nate Bailey, AIA
Ross Battoclette, AIA
Jack Baumann, AIA
Linda Beall, AIA
Jack Bialosky, FAIA
W Daniel Bickerstaff, II. AIA NOMA NCARB
Nicholas Bittner, AIA
Howard Blaisdell, AIA
Mark Bolinger, Assoc. AIA
Sara Boyer, AIA
Yanitza Brongers-Marrero, FAIA
Kate Brunswick, CAE, Hon. AIA
Douglas Burkey, AIA
Corinne Cassidy, AIA
Robert Chordar, AIA
Michael Christoff, AIA
David Collins, FAIA
Rose Marie Costanzo, AIA
Kevin Costello, AIA
James Cowan, Assoc. AIA
David Craun, AIA
Stephanie Crockett, Assoc. AIA
Andrew Cruse, AIA
Kate Csontos, Assoc. AIA
Aleksandr Daskalov, AIA
Julia Duhart, AIA
Salim Elwazani, AIA
Hannah Evwaraye, AIA
Michael Fagan, AIA
Zachary Forney, Assoc. AIA
Gwendolyn Frank, AIA
Daniel Frederick, AIA
John Fritsch, AIA
Douglas Gallow, AIA
Edward Glowacki, AIA
Mary L. Glowacki, AIA
Arne Goldman, AIA
Bryan Greene, AIA
Laurie Gunzelman, AIA
Megan Haftl, AIA
Timothy Hawk, FAIA
Bayleigh Hetrick, Assoc. AIA
Aaron Hill, AIA
Nick Hogrefe, AIA
Denise Holt, AIA
Don Horn, FAIA
John Isch, AIA
Krutarth Jain, AIA
David Johnson, AIA
Heather Judge, AIA
Johnna Keller, AIA
Judson Kline, FAIA
Andy Knopp, AIA
Elizabeth Krile, CAE
Rodney Lamberson, AIA
Patty Lampert
Patrick Lankey, AIA
Emily Little, AIA
Allison Lukacsy-Love, AIA
Ashley Lyons, AIA
Anthony Malik, AIA
Michael Mauch, AIA
Angela Mazzi, FAIA
John Meegan, AIA
Jacob Miley, AIA
Jonathan Morschl, Assoc. AIA
Marlene Mort, Assoc. AIA
Annissa Neider, AIA
Rebecca Nikolai, AIA
Nancy Odenweller
Alexandra Oetzel, Assoc. AIA
Melissa Olson, AIA
John Orsini, AIA
Fernando Oseguera, AIA
Jessica Phillips
Kim Phillips, AIA
Karen Planet, AIA
Amber Price, AIA
Eric Pros, AIA
Jeff Raser, AIA
Erin Reilly-Sanders, AIA
Dave Robar, AIA
Arsenio Rodrigues, AIA
David Roose
Philip Riazzi, AIA
Jennifer Rittler, AIA
Samuel Rosenthal, AIA
Michael Ruscitti, AIA
Charles Schreckenberger, FAIA
Michael Schuster, FAIA
Jerome Scott, AIA
Bruce Sekanick, FAIA
Charlie Setterfield, AIA
Stephen Sharp, FAIA
Robert Siebenaller, AIA
Douglas Sipp, AIA
Brian Spielvogel, AIA
Joseph Steines, AIA
Craig Stough, AIA
Lyndsey Stough, Assoc. AIA
Gregg Strollo, AIA
Greg Struna, AIA
Andrea Suever, AIA
Matthew Teismann, AIA
Christopher Toddy, AIA
Matt Toddy, AIA
Jane Treiber
Mike Vala, AIA
Jodi van der Wiel, FAIA
Joseph Vetter, AIA
John Weigand, AIA
Terry Welker, FAIA
Kenneth Workman, AIA, LEED AP
John Williams, AIA
William Willoughby, AIA
Robyn Wolf, AIA
Adam Yaracs, AIA
Julie Ziga, AIA