As many of you know, AIA Ohio has started the second hald of our annual PAC campaign with the AIA Ohio PAC effort kicking of in many of our local components.  AIA Ohio is working to establish a firm PAC foundation this year by working closely with the directors from each component to develop a core group of grassroots particpants.  While the work of any PAC is to raise money, it is also improtant that we raise awareness and participation.  

The AIA Ohio PAC is an important part of our advocacy effort and we ask every to take the time to become informed participants in the process.  Advocacy is an ongoing effort and we need to understand that it does not stop because its the end of the year or because our candidates forum is complete.  Through the PAC, and our member’s efforts as advocates, we can positively affect decisions affecting the built environment.

As a follow up to our ArchiPAC efforts earlier this year, the AIA Ohio Valley continues as a leader in our efforts to strengthen the PAC.  While we have surpassed our financial goal, we still have fallen short of the goal established for both the number and persentage of donors.  And while the funds raised to date put us firmly in second place, we are still $2,000 behind last years efforts and have been overtaken by our friends in Texas, who have raised a little more that $1,100 more than us to date.  While we move forward at the state level with the AIA Ohio PAC, we ask that those who have not yet given to ArchiPAC consider a small contribution to reinforce the work that we have already done.